Move Few Items

Move Few Items

Need to move only a few Items?
Mini Removals will help you move that heavy, awkward to move piece of furniture you need moved across the city.

Bought an item on Ebay, Gumtree, Argos, Ikea, Homebase, B&Q or any other local shop?

Have you just bought or are you thinking about buying a large cumbersome item? Are you having trouble transporting it, fitting it into the family car? Or worse – do you have a mate who was supposed to help you out but has let you down? We are always here and to help.

Using Mini Removals

We have a variety of van sizes to suit each and every job our customers require us to do. Our vans come equipped with all the latest loading, lifting and moving equipment required, along with the necessary level of labour required to get every job done safely.

As a professional removals company, all our vans are insured so you can rest assured knowing that all your goods are not only protected, but also insured during transit.

Can you help us save you money?

Why not reduce your costs and help by assisting our removal guys with the loading and unloading of the goods you need moved. By helping our team you won’t need to pay for the extra labour charge.

Do you need a tail lift?

If you require a vehicle with a tail lift, please speak to our helpful customer service team to help you organise moving those heavy items without any incidents.123

So what are you waiting for, contact Mini Removals today on 0203 730 8570 or click here to request a quote and discuss your small job to find out how we can cut your costs and move your goods safely.